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Do You Trade the TRIN?

The TRIN was developed in 1967 by Richard Arms and is commonly referred to as the Arms Index. It is a widely used index among institutional traders, and used less by individual traders. This can be attributed to the difficult nature of interpreting the indicator, as it contrarian by nature. The TRIN has it’s roots in the analysis of volume, or the breadth of the market.

Learn How to Become a Profitable Day Trader

Day trading is quite simple to understand in a sense. But in another way it is very difficult to apply the rules in a way that will make you a success as a profitable day trader.

Is Profitable Day Trading Based Entirely on Luck?

If you know anything at all about profitable day trading you might think the answer is yes. Certainly the risks associated with day trading are very high and many people lose out on the hard earned cash they try to invest in this way.

Four Questions Your Trading Plan Should Answer

A trading plan gives a day trader points of reference as market action unfolds quickly in real time. It enables them to always know what to do next, and how to do it. Specifically the plan should answer four key questions.

Improve Your Personal Wealth Plan With Share Trading

The majority of the population lives on their pay cheque. Are you among those who want to live from pay cheque to pay cheque or are you someone who wants to create wealth?

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