My TOP Forex Trading Setups this Week: XAU/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD

Trading Psychology – 2 Tips to Deal With Boredom in Trading

Do you find flat, dull markets boring? Do you get distracted in this kind of market environment? Even worse, do you take “boredom trades” and chop yourself up? Here is an article explaining what really happens with boredom and how to address it.

Trading Options Successfully

Trading options is a profitable enterprise. This can give you a huge sum of money if it is done skilfully. Stock options trading is preferred by many investors as this involves lesser risk compared to futures trading or stocks trading.

Black Jack, Anyone?

As a trading coach, I spend a lot of time sitting down with traders going through every aspect of their trading to identify areas to help them. The first part of my analysis is to get a back ground and determine where they are on the educational curve.

The Basics of Gold Exchange Traded Funds

Gold Exchange Traded Funds (GETFs) track the price of gold. All major stock exchanges including Paris, New York, Zurich, Mumbai, and London trade GETF’s. Gold ETFs held 1,750 tons of gold as of October 2009.

Trading Psychology – Using Mindfulness to Avoid Emotional Hijackings in Trading

Do you find yourself cutting winners short, chasing the market or failing to pull the trigger because your emotions hijack you? Why not stop the emotional hijackings and trade better? This article shows you how.

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