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Day Trade Margin – The Basic Definitions of Purchasing Stock on Margin

No discussion about day trade margin would be complete without taking the time to quickly define margin as it applies to trading accounts – be it stock, treasuries, or leverage forex accounts. To those new to trading with a leverage forex account or other amplified trading account: trading with leverage is extremely risky and can provide very high returns if executed well.

The Five Most Common Trading Mistakes Made by Almost All New Day Traders

Trading for a living is probably the number one reason that makes many people enter the day trading arena. Trading also offers many benefits that can never be matched by traditional nine to five jobs. But, it is also a trap that many want to be traders fall into if they come totally unprepared. Many traders make mistakes and learn from them, and then there are other traders who make the same mistakes and never learn from them.

Canadian Stock Alerts – Pele Mountain Resources Inc

Now this is a story of missed opportunity. And I know we all hate when that happens. If you could save 40% on your food bill would you be interested? How about paying 40% less for your next holiday? Ok let’s not make it about saving money.

Low Risk Day Trading Strategies

The way most people play the day trading game is like most people gamble in Vegas. They get a “feeling” that next big score is coming if they just stick with it. However, professional day traders don’t trade on whims and feelings… learn their secrets.

Day Trading Penny Stocks is Not For Newbie Investors

Until recent years with the advent of electronic trading, day trading was solely the practice of the most experienced brokers. And penny stocks involve some of the most manipulated speculative stocks on the market.

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