Price Action Trading Analysis (April 2021)

How to Make Money With Swing Trading – An Insight

When the swing conventions and designs are modified due to the certain effects then this will create a heavy loss. The excellent thing to do is to avoid it as much as you can so that you leave up all your tensions and do not feel the depression.

What Does The Elliott Wave Theory Tell Us About Market Direction?

Is the 10-month advance off the March 2009 lows an impulse? If the answer is yes, then the only conclusion is that the current decline will be a correction of the 2009 advance.

Evaluating Your Trading Plan to Determine If it Works

Now that you have developed and implemented your trading plan, you will need to evaluate it in order to determine if this plan is working for you. While losses in trading are inevitable and are expected, you will still want to determine whether your winning percentage falls into the category that makes your trading plan successful.

Learn to Watch the Higher Time Frame Charts to Improve Your Day Trading Skills

Most day traders are singularly focused on the very near term price action. They neglect to look at what the longer term charts are telling them and often get caught on the wrong side of a trend.

Currency Day Trading – Ease of Mind and a Good Night Sleep

I was searching for a good way to trade stocks, futures and options for a couple of years. I wanted something where I would have fast results. Something that doesn’t take long to show a profit or loss. Something that I could let go on the end of the day and have a good night sleep without any unease on my mind.

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