Price Action Trading Analysis (February 2021)

The Automated Forex Trading System Explained

Trading the Forex marketplace has turn out to be really well-known within the last couple of many years. But how hard is it to accomplish achievement within the Automated Forex trading program arena?

The Lazy Trader – There Are No “Right” Answers!

New traders want to be told how to win. It’s only natural, nobody likes losing. One of the hardest lessons they must learn is that no trading method is a guaranteed winner all the time – there is no “Holy Grail”. Losing is part of the trading process, so learning to manage trading risk is one of the most essential skills a trader must master!

What Is the Difference Between a CFD and Margin Loan?

In the early days investors wanting to borrow money to invest had few choices, either borrow money from the bank to buy shares or call your stockbroker and apply for a margin loan. In 2003 traders and investors in Australia were given another choice, CFDs. Since their introduction the industry has changed, CFDs being a simple form of margin lending have become the fastest growing derivative product in the country, outstripping the grow seen in the warrants market during the mid 1990’s. No longer does a retail investor need to apply for a bank loan or deal with expensive full service brokers. CFDs have revolutionized the financial services industry, retail investors can now open a CFD account online in minutes and be up and trading before the end of the day, executing all of their orders in real-time online.

Let Elliott Waves Signal Market Direction for You

If you were a lone bull in a herd of stampeding buffalo, your survival instincts would tell you to follow the herd, regardless of its direction. The same is true for the successful trader or investor maneuvering within the financial herd called the stock market.

CFD Education – Tips to Help You Start CFD Trading

Learning to trade DMA CFDs is often fairly daunting initially, with new traders having to master the trading platform offered by their DMA CFD provider and of course develop a trading plan. Trading can be enjoyable and rewarding if you take some time in the beginning to do your homework, below are some essential tips to assist novice traders who are getting started.

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