Price Action Trading Analysis (June 2021)

Trading Psychology – An Important Tip on How to Stay Focused While Trading

A question I often hear is, “How can trading psychology help me to stay focused? I seem to easily become distracted and then miss good trades!”

Trading Psychology & Trader Frustration

What does trading psychology say about being frustrated? Here’s the scenario: you’ve been sitting on the sidelines while watching the market rally 50% off the March lows. Are you itching to jump in and buy? Are you frustrated because you are missing profits?

What Are 5 Basic Principles to Technical Analysis?

If you are new to technical analysis, you may be wondering just what technical analysis is. The words my conjure up many different mental images. The goal of this article is to provide the reader, whether a novice or an experienced practitioner, with a brief description of 5 basic principles that are at the core of technical analysis.

Making Money From CFD Trading

The topics of projected targets and entries for shorter term CFD trading are covered by two experienced traders, one being Stuart McPhee. Stuart describes the simple approach he takes for his short term trades.

Easy Investment For Day Trading

One easy investment popular in day trading circles these days is the binary option. There are a couple of things that make binaries particularly well suited for day trading activities – namely the extremely short holding period (typically an hour), the high rate of return (typically upwards of 60%) and the ability to trade freely without commissions or pricing spreads to worry about. It really is as though someone out there designed these securities specifically for short term traders.

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