Price Action Trading Analysis (May 2021)

5 Big Investing Mistakes to Avoid

As more and more people become interested in investing, financial planners and investment brokers are seeing an influx of first time investors. Unfortunately, they often don’t see these first timers until after they have made a serious investing mistake, and are looking for help in getting some of their money back. For those looking into investing for the first time, here are five common mistakes that if known about, can easily be avoided.

Stop Loss Order

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of using stop losses in your trading. Market movement in your predicted direction can and will go wrong when least expected, this is where a protective stop or as is known in the trading circles “stop loss” comes in.

An Introduction to Index Trading

Index Trading is one of the most exciting, low-risk, high-return for low-investment trading types available today. Developed through the advancement in technology, we now have access to very specific information which is used to generate profits. Index Trading should not be confused with Share Trading as they are two entirely different systems.

Interested in Learning How to Make Money Day Trading? Here’s the Place to Start!

Becoming a day trader is becoming an increasingly hot means for people to earn an income. There are people who do it for a full time occupation while others treat it as a method to make extra cash. There are lots of people making sizable livings with day trading which is why several people are giving it a shot.

Guide to Swing Trading Strategy

The swing trading strategy is often used to earn profits from short-term price changes in the stock market. It is widely known as an effective strategy to increase profits while incurring minimal risks and losses. Choosing the right stock and the right market plays an essential role in the swing trading strategy. Stocks with extreme fluctuations are usually selected by swing traders. This trading strategy is usually implemented if the market is stable. The stability of the market results to minor variations in the currency price which can be beneficial to swing traders. The strategy is not applicable if the market is rapidly rising or crashing.

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