Reality of Trading Forex: My February 2021 Trading Results in Review…

Should I Use a Separate Dedicated Computer For Trading?

Professional traders use dedicated high-performance computers for trading the markets. This article offers a few reasons why it may be a good idea for individual day traders to do the same.

Day Trading Possibilities

When Day trading is mentioned, no actual product is being described. The expression is employed in the monetary world for buying shares, equity, features, commodity features, foreign currencies and so on. As the word “Day Trading” implies, it is just used for one day. It means that all purchasing and selling positions have to be squared away at the end of the day. In other words a purchase has to be sold and a sell has to be acquired to equalize all contracts and orders by the end of the closing period for the particular zones in which trading is being done.

Eztrader – Simple Way to Trade Binary Options Online

Eztrader binary trading platform is one of the popular binary options brokers operating since January 2009. It has a dedicated customer support and service team. You may attribute the popularity of this particular site to its stipulation of fire-and-forget digital binary options that are offered even on the exciting variety of securities, cross pairs, indices and foreign securities.

The Truth About Trading

Misinformation about trading can come from the most unlikely sources such as your favorite trading room or Guru! Many trading companies fuel these fires of misinformation as well. Why? Because they know what appeals to the novice trader and they package a product or service to fit their beliefs about the markets and trading.

Why Trade in the Scalping Style?

There are many variations of day trading, and scalping is one of the most popular. I give my take on my favorite style of trading.

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