A Typical Day in the Life of a Forex Trader

I’ve been trading successfully now for over 30 years and I get asked all the time – “Ian, could you perhaps tell me a little about your typical day?” Top Trader Ian Williams describes his typical trading day. Does he spend his time 24/7 in a darkened room in front of a bank of computer monitors, frantically clicking on buy and sell buttons or is most of his time spent on the ski slopes or golf course? Read on to find out…

Successful Share Trading – The Emotional Rollercoaster!

Share trading online can be a great way to invest your money but it can also be one of the quickest ways to lose it! One aspect of online share trading is psychology and this is something that is not often talked about enough, yet it forms a huge part in any success.

Trading Stocks Successfully – Look After the Penny’s and the Pounds Look After Themselves!

Successful online trading requires a different strategy to one that you may be used to. Go small rather than large!

Guide to Become an Online Day Trader

Online trading can become a serious prospect of making money. However, it is not for everyone and hence, you have to be fully prepared to deal in online trading otherwise you can suffer from huge losses. Online trading is also called day trading, hyperactive trading or sophisticated trading.

Psychology of Online Share Trading

Psychology is the major factor often overlooked by online traders. Get this bit right and you are half-way on the road to success.

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