Reporting from the Moon – GameStop Stock (NYSE:GME) to $500 Pre-Market!

Using Leverage to Invest

Using leverage to invest is the only true way to make money in the world of finance or business. The ability to essentially borrow enormous amounts of money and use that additional buying power to amplify return on investment is the difference between making it and missing out in investing.

DMA CFD Traders Edge: How Do I Get It?

Day traders and scalpers are always looking to gain an edge in the market that will give them a real trading advantage; however, most traders often go searching for faster PCs, internet connections or a better charting package, many often overlook the fundamental basics like the trading platform that they are using and the broker that they are dealing with. The most important element in any DMA CFD traders arsenal is their trading platform as this is their connection to the market. May DMA CFD day traders and scalpers assume that their broker has the fastest market connectivity…

Best Forex System – Seven Steps to Your Holy Grail

The best Forex system is a question that everybody has. Today you are able to read about the Holy Grail of Forex. And this Holy Grail starts with creating your own best strategy. Here are simple 7 steps everybody should follow.

Cancer or an Event?

“Everyone is looking for an event, like Lehman” or a scandal that will simply kill the economy. I don’t believe we will see that happen.

Pros and Cons of Spread Betting Financial Markets

Before starting to spread bet it’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons to spread betting. Spread betting has not always been available to retail investors. That’s people who might have been thinking of investing in stock, shares or commodities, who have a better than average understanding of financial markets. As well as adrenalin junkies who get board with casinos. As might expected with anything that has betting in its name there might be some disadvantages, so let’s deal with these first.

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