Revealing my Trading Performance on my $112,714.94 Trading Account

Sell Options for Income

Options contracts are the “option to buy or sell a fixed future asset on a fixed future date”. They are generally traded either on an exchange, as an exchange traded option, or directly with the other counterparty as an over the counter security. There are many advantages in trading options, not least of which include that they are cheap to trade, have a high level of inbuilt leverage and improve the trader’s flexibility.

What Is Trading Psychology All About?

Recently, high performance professionals have been moving to psychology in order to increase their performance to the next (optimal) level. Athletes and executives were early adopters to coaching and are now embracing psychology to ensure that there is nothing “inside” that is preventing them from improving their performance. Trading psychology was brought to common acceptance by Dr Van Tharp.

Options: Understanding The Greeks

Why is it that the options market seems to have its own language that is different to all other financial markets? Financial markets have their own jargon so that traders know exactly what they are talking about when they speak with other traders. This comes from the “old days” when financial transactions were all conducted either face-to-face on an exchange floor or over the phone.

Basic Option Trades

The world of options is an exciting one. Unfortunately, many stock market traders and investors miss out on trading options because they do not understand how they work. It is understandable.

Using Average True Range to Guide Entry and Exit Points for Day and Swing Trading

The Average True Range (ATR) is not only useful in setting stop loss limits, but also is helpful in determining entry/exit points for day and swing trading. But first, let’s review what ATR is and how it is derived.

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