Shorting EUR/USD: Forex Live Trade Breakdown! (Here’s what Happened…)

The i-Ching of Options Trading

The i-Ching is a ancient Chinese book of divination and philosophy. Through its philosophy, the idea of binary coding was born, giving birth to computers today. This article explains my findings on how the i-Ching has explained options trading today thousands of years ago!

How to Find Penny Stocks to Invest in Quickly

Finding penny stocks to invest in can be difficult because there are simply so many of them. From thousands of stocks, how do you choose just one that will make a huge move right after you buy it?

What is Your Priority? Brokers Or Commissions?

Many traders take great pride in obtaining the lowest possible commission rate and futures brokerage might offer. While it is important to save money when possible, there are other more important factors to consider when choosing a futures brokerage firm than rock bottom commission rates. I examine some issues I consider more important than commission rates in this article.

Day Trading Penny Stocks – Penny Stock Prophet Previewed and Now Reviewed!

When I first happened upon the Penny Stock Prophet I was skeptical but with a sixty day guarantee I was downright determined to try it out. I now must tell you that it was, and continues to be, a very profitable decision. What was most appealing to me was the minimal investment involved.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – What is Your Trading Preference?

Most people come to trading through the recommendation of a friend or colleague or by attending a trading seminar. You will develop a bias depending on your initial exposures and the compelling sales pitch of the presenter.

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