Should I Try To Day Trade On A Family Vacation?

Should You Use Bollinger Bands?

I advise everyone to pop a Bollinger Band channel on your chart from time to time and get a feel for this useful indicator. On days when I am having a difficult time getting a feel for the market, I often add this indicator to gain greater insight into the days price action.

Fear and Greed – The Two Biggest Emotional Enemies of Day Traders and Their Trading Systems

Trading the markets has always been only a dream for almost all of those who seek to prosper from it in many ways unimaginable by the common man. It gives those that succeed at it a quality of life that can only be dreamed of by most people. It does not matter how high paying a job or business an individual might have, it always comes at a costly price. That price paid by many is in the form of precious time. Time is like the water flowing in a river, it never passes the same course twice.

When to Stop Trading a System

It is easy to know when to start following an advisor or trading system – start trading as soon as you have determined it is the right investment for you. But, do you know when you’ll stop following that new system? Whether you are following your own trading system, or following an advisory, newsletter or some other service, if you don’t have an exit plan for discontinuing it, you should.

Imagine Being Able to Trade the Markets For a Good Living

Turning into a trader in the markets is an amazing thing to do. You can become a doggedly successful trader in the market and could even receive celebrity status. Our society rewards good traders because our society on the whole is engaged in the markets and understands how troublesome it is to triumph over and become a traitor.

Trend Trading For a Living – Is it Possible?

Many people ask if trend trading to earn a living is a possibility. The short answer is “yes.” But, there are many things to consider before you quit your day job.

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