Simple Reversal Trading Strategy: RSI Divergence Trading Explained!

How Does The Volcker Rule Affect Asian Trading Firms?

Overall, The Volcker Rule is predominantly set to incur limitations on American Banks when it goes into affect on July 21, 2012. It was designed primarily to enforce limitations on the American banking industry. The main guidelines and parameters are meant to enforce limitations on what United States Banks can and cannot invest in.

The Importance Of Dark Pool Trading

Dark pool (DP) trading, also referred to as the upstairs market, can benefit both institutional and retail traders. DP transactions represent block trades that occur outside the central exchanges. Information about such trades is concealed from the public, but only during the pre-trade phase of the transaction. Once the trade is executed, the activity is reported to the consolidated tape, which records all official transactions. Many liquidity traders feel that all trades should be revealed to the public, but there are also many defenders of off-exchange transactions.

Why Most Traders and Day Traders Lose

Most traders and day traders are unprofitable. The primary reason for this is that they have not developed their own trading edge. A trading edge is what provides an advantage to the trader over most other traders in the market place. This is what will allow them to be profitable in the long run.

Boost Forex Affiliate Marketing Business With the Best Tactics

The majority of the individuals who are involved in Forex affiliate marketing relentlessly strive to attract a good amount of visitors to their Forex affiliate site. They constantly attempt to penetrate into the World Wide Web for discovering the techniques through which they can enhance the volume of traffic to their website as well as the rate of converting visitors into their customers, in order to grow their Forex business.

MetaStock for Trading

MetaStock is one of the oldest charting packages in the market. It is designed to assist traders with making buy and sell decisions.

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