Support and Resistance: How To Tell When It Will BREAK?

The Secret to Day Trading Happiness

Psychologists have studied what makes people happy. They have found that when it comes to winning and losing money, or positive and negative events, that people prefer to have positive, or winning events, on a constant basis, and negative, or losing events, in “one shot,” rather than spread out.

How to Properly Find Penny Stock Picks

Inexperienced investors attempting to come to be rich rapidly are attracted to penny stocks. The unfortunate issue will be you are intrigued and also put in dollars which were not expendable. Okay so how do you not get hauled off to the woodshed by an individual providing penny stock picks?

The Final Stage of a Successful Trader – Trading Unconsciously

“How do you define a successful trader?” Now there are probably a million ways to answer this but in this article I want to discuss what I call the final step – trading unconsciously. Now in almost any profession when you reach a sufficient skill level your actions become repetitive with little thought given to the task in hand, when this happens you will often find there is little change in the input or output and it becomes a very consistent process.

It’s Good to Be the King

I think that all of us want to develop as well rounded traders, and when we start out we look at the whole spectrum of trading setups. Should I scalp, should I swing trade, day trade?

Learn the Truth About Day Trading

Day trading stocks is exciting. Every single day of the week is a new adventure, a new stock, and a new possibility to make some serious profits. But what happens when you pick the wrong stock?

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