Teaching Traders How To Backtest Their Strategy – Part 2

Day Trading Broker – Qualities to Look For

Day trading has been an old system commonly practiced by professional investors and firms. The shift towards an online trading platform has enabled many casual investors to also dabble in stocks easily.

Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Managers

“What are hedge funds, exactly?” You have probably asked yourself this question at least once in your life. Sure, we read about them in the newspaper and/or online.

CFD Trading Alert – A 5-Minute Guide on CFD Pricing

Contracts for Difference or CFDs are derivatives that provide traders the opportunity to explore earning options through speculative trading on price shifts of relevant securities like commodities, shares, indices and currencies. Based on the norms of CFD trading, there is no actual acquisition or purchase of relevant securities. Your earning range in CFD trading does not include dividend payments.

Day Trading, Buying and Selling Strategies

The term ‘day trading’ is used to define the act of buying and then selling a stock in the same day. There are certain stocks that are great for day trading systems, and a trader may choose them depending on their price and availability. One example day trader strategy favorite is Sun Microsystems.

Major Reasons Why You Have to Go Spread Betting

In this day and age of stable and super-fast Internet connection, spread betting sites that specialize in the delivery of up-to-the-minute online trading application such as Tradefair, IGIndex and Capital Spreads are becoming the norms of mainstream online trading. This trading software gives day traders of differing circumstances all the trading tools that they need in identifying clear and reliable indicators to sell or buy on a particular future market position.

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