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Binary Options Trading – How to Get Consistent Returns by Investing in Binary Options

Binary options trading. Unlike a traditional stock or option trade, in a binary option you will not earn more or lose more depending on the magnitude of the movement in price of the stock or underlying asset, because in this type of contracts you will earn fixed payouts of around 70% as long as the stock or underlying asset’s price ends up in the money by the time of expiration, which usually is within an hour from the time you enter the trade.

What Are Exchange Traded Funds And How Can They Make Money For You?

Nowadays, ETFs are one of the most popular forms of investments. This is because of their ability to be traded both during and after the stock market designated trading times. This aspect gives them the qualities of both Closed End Funds and also Mutual Funds.

Top Day Trading Markets

The expertise and depth of knowledge required to succeed in day trading makes it mandatory that you specialize in one or two markets. You need to learn how the markets work and what the nuances are that everyone else in that market is paying attention to.

Day Trading – What it is and What it is Not

It is amazing how many people do not understand what the words “day trading” mean! To some the words mean “hold my positions for a day or two” and for others it means “buy today, sell tomorrow” and yet others think that day trading is a “form of investing” but very few understand those words to mean “do not hold any positions overnight”, which is what day trading actually means – day traders close out their trades at the end of every trading day and are prepared to start from scratch the next day.

Day Trading is a Zero Sum Game

“Zero sum” means that adding the winners and subtracting the losers produces a result of zero – both winners and losers are equal. This is because in a zero sum market, you buy something from someone who is selling it, so if one wins, the other has to lose.

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