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ES Emini – More on the Scalping Style of Trading

My views on the way the market functions precludes me from making long term commitments to a given market direction. Market prognostication is an inexact science, at best, and most economists and traders have a miserable track record of predicting the future direction of market movement. So, I don’t even try.

This is “The” Day Trading System

The Eminis are taking day traders by storm. The small by-in contract size makes the contract a lucrative market. Emini trading is now available to day trader futures players who do not want to trade the full requirements of S&P full-size contracts.

Is the Day Trading Robot Worth the Cash?

If you are interested in trying to make money in stocks, you might want to find out more about the Day Trading Robot. This is basically a software program that makes it easier to figure out which stocks you might want to invest in. It should be made clear here that the Robot focuses in on one particular type of stock – and that’s penny stocks.

What to Invest in Now – What’s the Difference Between a Stock and a Bond?

This poses an interesting question because it highlights how many people really have no idea about the different type of investment “vehicles”, as they are often called. You know what “equity” is, right?

Pyschological Danger Point – Pips That Might Have Been

A look at one of the common problems traders face – the prospect of profits that might have been – and a suggestion on how to deal with it.

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