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Daytrading Tip – The 50% Rule

The 50% rule is an old Wall Street idea that bull-market moves (up moves) often give back 50% of their gains right before making a new push higher. These pull backs often shake off latecomers and frustrate other traders. Here are some tips for cashing in on 50% moves.

What’s the Best Day Trading Strategy?

Goodness knows if you are looking for a day trading strategy, there are a lot of them on the internet. Sadly, most aren’t up to snuff. The best day trading strategy which for whatever reason, is not really talked about that much, is price action.

Entry Technique – Free Day Trading Videos – Learning When to Strike

During the course of your trading day, you will get perplexed and confused by the market. The market has a propensity to emit what you can call perplexing signals which can easily confuse even experienced traders what the market is trying to do. Inexperienced day trader waste countless hours sitting and staring at their computers making sense of what the markets are saying while savvy day trader only need ten minutes to make a killing each day!

Two Retracement Tricks That Can Turn Losing Trades Into Winners and Triple Profits Safely!

Suppose you are losing your trade. Do you have any trick up your sleeve that can turn your losing trade into a winner and triple your profits safely?

Learning Not to Cry in Trading

Thinking about developing your own trading system? Forget it for the time being not until you have years of successful trading experience. Till then it is always wise to copy someone else’s winning trading system and tweak it according to your own needs. What you need is a universal trading system that can trade different markets because as a trader you need to learn one simple thing: hot money keeps on flowing from one market to another. You need to follow the trail of hot money in order to make a lot of money!

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