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Two Important Points to Get Trading Right From the Start

The lure of fast money and a leisurely lifestyle brings large numbers of new traders into the marketplace on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many traders get a cruel lesson and a dose of reality after trading for a few days. It’s not as easy as the people who sold the $50 trading course explained.

Day-Trading Methods – How to Win in Day Trading – The Scientific Way – Part 2

Another very important tool in the arsenal of a trader is standard deviation. We hear daily about volatility and how volatility wiped out traders who were on the opposite side of the market! Now then, the question arises how do you measure volatility and how do you know which side of the market you should be?

Day Trading 101 – Giving You Ins and Outs of Day Trading

In the world of stock trading, there is one particular strategy that has become rather popular in recent times. This is one known as day trading, and may be a term some of you are already familiar with. Day trading is a bandwagon that many have stepped aboard as it is one of those methods that many are convinced holds the promise of lots of quick, easy money.

Know These Potential Risks and Limitations of Candlestick Charting Unknown to Many Traders!

Candlestick charts is a visual representation of the battle between the bulls and the bears that takes place in the market. It takes time for this battle to take shape. Candlestick patterns on the very short timeframes used for scalping and some other day trading strategies may not give signals that can be properly interpreted and traded.

The Reasons Why I Prefer Technical Analysis

Technical analysis can be used alone or in conjunction with fundamental analysis. So, why technical analysis?

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