Top 3 Price Action Trading Mistakes Almost All New Traders Make

How Do You Day Trade Stocks With a Real Time Stock Scanner?

We have built a proprietary custom stock scanner to be used on the Madscan platform. We make it easy for the new trader or the more experienced professional trader to see the largest directional moves that occur each day. We define the trends. We isolate the stocks that are showing the best looking intraday trending with very specific built in rule based functionality to keep you focused.

Penny Stock Trading Is a Million Dollar Game – But How To Join The Winners Club?

Penny Stock Trading is a real “Get Rich Quick” scheme that only succeeds in making you rich if proper tactics are selected. Big Money is involved in this game. You can walk away with your pockets empty or become a millionaire. “I made 500% return on a stock that was a penny stock and profited $25,000.00 dollars. Unfortunately, I misplayed the transaction. Had I played correctly, I would’ve made between $30 to $50 million dollars.”

5 Backtesting Strategies To Consider When Trading

The trading world is flooded with various strategies, techniques and methods people use to get ahead in the game. It is virtually impossible to know 100% what is going to happen with stocks or FOREX, but taking advantage of the strategies that are available can be highly beneficial. For this reason, take a look at each of the backtesting strategies mentioned in this article the next time you go to trade.

How to Make Money Swing Trading? Part I

Swing trading is one of the most powerful ways to make money in the stock market. There are traders who make millions each year swing trading. The first thing you need to learn in swing trading is learn to read a stock chart. A stock chart is a chart that plots the stock prices of a company. This allows a trader to quickly interpret a chart and predict the future stock prices for that company.

Options Trading Basics – What Is An Option?

Options part of several investment tools that make up the derivative market. The derivative market includes any financial instrument that acquires its value from the increase or decrease in value of an underlying security. With an understanding of their trading characteristics, we can purchase and sell options on many different stocks, ETFs, futures, currencies and commodities.

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