Top 6 Stock Trading Mistakes To Avoid

The Very Basics of E-Mini Futures Trading for the Very Beginners

Day trading e-mini futures markets can be a lucrative home business available practically to everyone who can afford $5000 or so to launch it. How to start it if you are a total trading newbie? That’s what this article is about.

The Complete Guide to Using Tick Charts

While most traders are accustomed to looking at time based charts, there is another option, the tick chart. This way of looking at the markets is incredibly effective for day traders.

Ground Rules for Speculators Using Hedging Techniques As a Risk Management Strategy

While hedging techniques are great, there are no guarantees when it comes to trading. These techniques are designed to help minimize your losses. At the same time, you must have realistic expectations of what they can do for you.

Who Is Called a Speculator?

One definition of a speculator is someone who wants to profit from the price discrepancy between hedgers. Speculators fall into two categories: large speculators and small speculators.

Analyzing Your Opponents and the Market

Futures predate stocks by several thousand years. One of the earliest recognized futures transactions was the Chinese rice futures of 6,000 years ago. In the seventeenth century, Japan instituted the first organized rice futures exchange. Japanese merchants would store rice in warehouses for future use. Warehouse holders would in turn sell receipts against the stored rice.

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