Top 7 Forex Trading Rules For Beginners

The 7 Trading Commandments

There are many factors to being a successful trader. Many of them are all about how you go about trading. Which makes them some of the easiest yet hardest traits in yourself to catch and change. If you follow these commandment or vows you can be on the right track of making a lot of money.

Review the Best Markets for Day Trading Futures

After making an educated decision on the type of day trading charts I was going to use I now had to begin looking at the different futures markets I was going to trade. One of the main reasons I chose futures as my focus was because of the focused attention on very liquid markets, and at this point I had to now decide which of these markets I was going to focus on. Keep in mind that when I did this process a decade ago, this was much different, but here’s how it will play out in today’s markets.

Methods Of Entry And Exit When Scalp Trading The Stock Market

Before you start to look at stocks and decide whether it’s a good short or long trade, you need to know the methods of entering a position. From my last article I described the level 2 and the definition of adding or taking liquidity, which you will need to understand in order to get this next part. To simplify the methods of entry I am only going to cover 2 at this stage. They are called the momentum entry and the average-in.

Convenient Jobs From Your Home

Working from home is an ideal situation for many people, but it can be hard to find the right job to do that. There are actually quite a lot of jobs out there that can be done from your home, such as e-mini day trading, writing, making phone calls, and designing.

Seven Tips When Choosing Day Trading Charts

It doesn’t matter when you started trading, choosing the best charts for your trading goals is a big issue and should be taken seriously because this is going to be your ‘scalpel’ or your ‘hammer’ when you go to work each day as a day trader. Over the past decade I’ve used good and bad charts, here is what I’ve learned that day traders need most.

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