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5 Stock Trading Rules

Set of Trading Rules. Whether you are a day trader, Forex trader, swing trader or any other trader, these set of trading rules applies to just about all.

Trading Is a Never-Ending Journey

Trading is not easy and you can not succeed by relying on your “gut feeling,” impulse, or luck. I have been a trader for about 14 years. In that time period I have seen many strategies fail because traders only have to have a couple losing trades in a row before they crack.

Technical Forex Trading: The Inside Scoop

As if the concept of trading foreign exchange currencies was not enough, now you are bombarded by the notion of being a “technical trader” and learning to “predict” certain occurrences in the Forex market. What is a novice trader to do when confronted with charts, indicators, news feeds, economic calendars, and the like? Does this stuff really matter? You better believe it does…

Are You Willing To Pay The Ultimate Price For Financial Freedom?

There is a price to pay for financial freedom you are hoping to achieve with your trading. Alas it is not what you think it is. Hard work has not produced master traders. In fact most people who work hard are also poor. If it is not hard work that gets you there what is the secret?

Learn to Trade Options More Efficiently

By knowing this fact, you, as a person who wants to learn to trade options, are also considered learners, and you can determine your classification as a learner. You must reflect on where you learn most. Do you learn best by listening, seeing or doing things? And if you have already answered that question, the next thing is to determine the sources and materials which will best fit your type.

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