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Darvis Box Theory for E-Mini Trading

The original Darvis concept was a system for trading stocks developed in the 1950s by Nicholas Darvis, who had a unique career as a ballroom dancer of the highest order combined with a driving desire to be successful in the stock market. During my career I have seen this excellent indicator go in and out of favor with the retail trader. On the other hand, it is common to find Darvis boxes’ on many of the charts the professional traders with whom I am acquainted.

3 Reasons Many Individuals Are Attracted to E-Mini Trading

Futures contracts have always had a “cult” following until recently, when large numbers of traders discovered the “mini-sized” contracts designed specifically for smaller traders. In years past, futures contracts were difficult for small traders to utilize because of the extremely large margin requirements required to trade.

Heiken Ashi, HA Divergence and E-Mini Trading

As an order flow and price action trader it might surprise you that I hold Heiken Ashi (HA) in high regard; after all, HA price action is determined through an averaging method, not real-time pricing. If you are e-mini trading in a trend though, the Heiken-Ashi bars can provide clarity and insight.

5 Things To Be Wary Of When Working With A Forex Broker

A Forex broker is of great importance for you to be successful in the Forex market. Due to this, you need to be very cautious when hiring a broker. Here are some of the things that you need to be wary of:

Understanding A Forex Broker

A Forex broker is a person who acts as an intermediary between you and the interbank. The interbank is a network of banks that trade with each other. Forex brokers have relationships with the banks; therefore, when you approach a given broker, he/she will advise you on the best currency to trade.

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