Trading Forex with a Stop Loss: What you Need to Know!

What Drives Your Trading? The Need To Avoid Losses, Or The Desire To Win?

Most traders trade with the dominant intention not to lose rather than with a clear intention to win. The habit is hard wired into the survival part of the brain and needs unlocking to make you a winning trader.

I Still Haven’t Started With Live Trading Yet, Because I Am Afraid to “Click”

Relatively often, I find myself in situations where beginning traders are telling me that they have done all the necessary work such as backtesting and profitable papertrading, but they still can’t find the courage to click “live”. Therefore I will try to summarize a few pieces of advice and tips in today’s article.

One Daytrading System, Five Versions, Possible (Dramatic) Improvements

In today’s article I would like to introduce an interesting thing on which I have spent quite some time. It’s about a few simple comparisons which I believe will interest common day traders. I will indicate new possibilities on how to grasp day trading.

All About Share Market Trading

The article is about to guide freshers in Share Market Trading, as they don’t have enough knowledge and seeking for the content that guides them “how stock trading works”. So here I mention all the essentials required for share market trading. I hope it will be beneficial for all readers.

Why You Should Use an Auto-Adaptive Approach

Today’s markets aren’t the same as 30 years ago. The impact of algorithmic trading on markets is substantial and changes as well as fundamental movements inside markets are much faster than ever before. Today it is more important than ever in history to know how to adapt. And this should also be one of the characteristics of your current ATS.

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