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Is There Still Money in Scalping the Markets?

The trading landscape is constantly changing and probably one of the most affected groups is day traders who actively participate in the markets each day. In a relatively short period of time we have seen spreads shrink, volatility increase, fully electronic markets, fee structure changes and the demise of the specialists and market makers traditional roles on the stock exchanges. It is likely day traders who have been involved in the markets for some time adapted their strategies to current conditions or where forced out of the market. New traders coming into the market face a choice of becoming a scalper or choosing another method of trading. This article will look at some of the benefits and down falls of scalping.

Online Stock Trading and Making Good Investments

What most people do today with their money is to invest in stock trading. Basically, this is common to people who want to earn money fast. These are people who are busy with their profession and want to invest their savings wisely yet they don’t have to exert much effort.

What is Your Style of Day Trading? Part 1

An index trader or any trader for that matter, needs to ask himself/herself, “what is my style of day trading?” If this question is unclear the trader is doomed for failure. The style of online day trading I teach in my e mini trading course can best be described as: In and Out method, meaning we take less trades than a scalper but more trades than a position day trader.

Trading From Home – Not a Lottery Ticket

Starting out as a Daytrader is usually not easy. With the right knowledge, it’s a lot easier than you think. Remembering not to spend all your money in one place will definitely protect you from the big losses. If you use all your investment capital in one big gamble, where does that leave you? Know what you’re buying.

Day Trading Tips Straight From the Pros – How to Make Money in the Markets!

One of the fastest growing and exciting methods to earn extra cash these days is day trading. You will find people who do it for a full time job and others use it as a method to earn some extra cash. With it’s great money-making potential and the charge it gives you, it’s no surprise more individuals are jumping into day trading.

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