UNBELIEVABLE! Forex Broker Killer trades from 0 to $130 during NFP – FBK Market Direction strategy

Buying Stocks on Margin – What it is and Why You Probably Shouldn’t Do It

Buying stocks on margin is a highly risky endeavor typically only done by highly experienced, highly capitalized investors who are many times looking to throw their weight around in the market. Investors new to the concept may not be aware that leverage forex, leverage treasury, and leverage corporate bond accounts.

Make Money From Forex Day Trading With the Forex Trading Machine

Do you have charts filled with colorful lines and multiple indicators? When one indicator says buy only to have the other say sell, do you want to scream in frustration? What if you could have a very simple forex day trading system that only depended on price action?

Secret of Time Frames in Trading Systems

Most traders analyze charts in only one time frame, usually daily. This is not enough; markets are too complex to be analyzed in only one time frame. Every time frame relates to its next higher and lower time frames.

My Stock Market Rantings – Recovery Or Dead Cat Bounce?

One really has to question the apparent current strength of the market, which doesn’t tally at all with the underlying fundamentals in this recession. On the other hand, whilst risk seems to have diminished somewhat and underlying confidence seems to be returning, the after-tax return on cash is pathetic.

Day Trading Rules and Regulations

If you’re going to start day trading, then you need to know some basic day trading rules and regulations. Here are some of the basic trading requirements for those who want to trade stocks often. So, if you’re new to day trading, then read the fine print. You can still day trade with less than $25,000. You just cannot do it more than three times in a five-day period.

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