Using Japanese candlestick patterns with Price Breakout Pattern Scanner

A Practical Guide For Day Trading

If you are looking to trade shares in the stock market for quick results and intend to experience the adventures of swift buying and selling of shares day trading is just the thing for you. Day trading is a process of both buying and selling your stocks on the same day in return of a profit or loss.

Software Review: Order Flow Software by Tradetheeminis

A number of order flow programs have come to the e-mini trading market in recent months and I have been able to look at quite a few of the offerings. Some of the programs are fairly easy to use, while others require some basic knowledge of auction theory and order flow. To be sure, they all work to some degree; the trick is how readily they are able to transmit meaningful information into trading decisions.

Can You Identify Market Momentum Structure Through Order Flow Analysis?

As an e-mini scalper, I trade the spurts of momentum that are constantly occurring as the market moves in a given direction; it’s important to understand whether the market is moving up, down, or ranging. You won’t see or understand this movement when looking at a daily chart, and generally you can’t be an e-mini scalper looking at an hourly chart.

What Is The Future Of High Frequency Trading?

There’s been a smouldering story concerning the future of high frequency trading that began four years ago with the ‘flash crash’ that momentarily caused the biggest drop in the Dow Jones Index ever seen. Since then, high frequency trading has been refined over and over again so that now it is said to give traders with the money and the power to afford the ultra-high speed systems needed to operate it, a huge and potentially unfair advantage.

Binary Options Trading – Do You Have The Vital Qualities To Become A Successful Trader?

Binary Options Trading is gaining more popularity with online traders, especially because it allows them to trade on multiple assets. It is indeed the simplest of all the online trading platforms, which is why even the beginners can get started with it. Now with that being said, there is one important thing about trading that you should know right away.

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