We need to talk about GameStop and WallStreetBets… What Happened?

The Lazy Trader – Plan To Win (Part 2)

Newcomers to trading can’t wait to get started, but it’s important to make sure you are ready. Being ready means having an answer to many important questions about your new business activity…

CFD Corporate Actions – Share Splits and Rights Issues

Corporate actions are a frequent occurrence in the Australian Market. Typically your CFD position will mirror the corporate actions associated with owning the underlying share. Holders of a CFD position can participate in Corporate actions, including share splits and rights issues however in certain circumstances where a corporate action involves a number of options your CFD provider may not allow you to choose but will rather select an option which will be applied to all of their clients open CFD positions.

The Lazy Trader – Plan To Win (Part 1)

People get into trading for many reasons. Sometimes, though, they may not have thought things through.

Managing CFD Trading Risks in Your Portfolio

Incorporating a proper risk management plan into you CFD trading strategy is the single most important aspect of CFD trading. Risk management involves determining the amount of money that you wish to allocate to each trade to ensure that you are able to continue trading should you sustain a loss on the position.

Discover How to Overcome 5 Common Day Trading Mistakes

The ability to make rational decisions is a critical in all aspects of your life – trading and social. Once you have identified and eliminated the most common barriers in the trade decision process, you can expect satisfaction, success and professional growth.

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