Winning Percentage – Not the Whole Story

We all have the need to be right. But being right doesn’t matter – at least when it comes to trading. In fact, trying to be right by having high percentage of winning trades is usually a recipe for disaster.

Day Trading Chat Rooms – Are They Beneficial?

With a simple search on the internet, you can find several day trading chat rooms on the internet. Most offer a discounted or even free trial offer. But are these rooms beneficial to beginning or even experienced day traders?

Day Trader Tools – Holistic Trading is Healthy Trading

Ok so I guess you are wondering what in the wide world of sports could the word “holistic” have to do with trading stocks. Well grasshopper, let me explain. We hear more and more these days about “holistic medicine” where the approach is not to treat the symptom, but rather to treat the entire patient. Which in of itself, will always give the patient a far better, more complete diagnosis. So then, let’s see how this can apply to trading stocks. And this really was another “ah-moment” for yours truly.

Day Trader Tools – Level II – Your GPS to Trading Smarter

If you remember flying a kite as a youngster, you certainly remember the thrill of watching the wind magically take control and push your kite skyward. Now what if you could have a gadget that could tell you exactly where the wind was and wasn’t. Your kite would then stay up there for a lot longer and you would have so much more fun. Maybe a GPS Wind Meter, a device that could easily tell you to move your kite more to the east or west, capturing the full power of the available wind. Now that would be a tool wouldn’t it?

Tools For Day Trading

To be an effective worker, you must have adequate, reliable and up to date tools. If you are reading this article online, I can comfortably say that you already have some of the tools needed to venture into the world of day trading.

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