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Is Intraday Swing Trading Possible?

This seems to be a question that comes up a lot. “Swing Trading” is typically defined as…”a method or strategy used to profit from short term (1-4 day) price moves in the market”. Although the standard definition defines the typical length of time in a trade (1-4 days) another definition for “Swing Trading” is used to describe a method or strategy used to profit from “price swings” in the market.

What Is Margined Trading With Spread Betting?

Have you been interested in all the talk of margined trading with spread betting? Do you want to know more about what it is? Margined trading is actually where the investor will borrow money from the broker.

Financial Spread Betting an an Alternative

Many people have seen their wealth decline massively in the last few years. Less people believe what the ‘experts’ are telling them about financial markets. They want to take control and trade on their own decisions. People are using financial spread betting to do this as there are lots of advantages which I will tell you about.

5 Successful Spread Betting Secrets

A growth market spread betting in the UK is on the rise and many more companies and banks are offering services to cater for this clientele. Many start out but fail at the first hurdle, so read out 5 secrets to being successful in this industry.

What is a Day Trader?

The practice of buying and selling stocks, currencies, futures contracts or stock options in the same trading day is known as day trading. Someone who buys and sells stocks through out the same day is known as a day trader.

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