How Long Should I Be in a Trade?

A few years ago I was asked by a student, “How long should I be in a trade?” My first response was to simply say “as long as it takes to make a profit”. No more and no less. The question seemed to me to have a rather obvious answer. But as life typically goes, I was about to learn just how insightful this question really was.

The Key to Day Trading Success is Overcoming This One Obstacle

Day trading is quickly becoming one of the most popular investment strategies in the stock market today. In fact, many pundits have claimed that the “buy and hold” strategy that so many everyday investors have relied on for so long is dead. Who can argue with them given the market activity of the last several months. Volatility has been the name of the game. There have been large swings to both the upside and the downside – a perfect scenario for traders.

Stock Picks Could Be Different From Trader and Investor Perspective

Some people especially for novice have question why every time they buy stock and the stock goes down and every time they sell, the stock goes up in few days or few weeks later. Their mindset is changed spontaneously from trading to investing and they end up collecting a lot of stocks. This case should be okay if they buy stocks but if they buy option contract, they will lose money due to time decay in which the option contract will be worthless when the expiration day comes.

Day Trading Strategy – Conquer the Stock Market

People lose money because they don’t have a Day Trading Strategy. Day Trading is not a game but a business. Any business will fail if it does not have a strategy. The essential elements of a Day Trading Strategy are discussed in this article.

What to Know When You Swing Trade

Swing Trading Can be hard, both mechanically and emotionally. But when you are comfortable and confident about your approach it is definitely worth it.

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