Why Your Losses Are Larger Than Your Winners?

Day Trade Stocks Successfully Using Odds Based Position Sizing

Position Sizing is the process of determining how many shares of stock that you should trade in order to risk a certain dollar amount or percentage of your account. You must consider the size of your exit stop and the amount of money you are willing to risk when making this calculation.

Options Trading – System to Find Stock Trends

Successful options trading requires finding a stock to trade, planning what options to buy or sell and a good money management trade plan. Good money management and option selection combined with discipline are essential tools, but stock selection is the basis of all trades. The system outlined shows how to find stocks that have a high probability of moving in the direction anticipated.

The Merits of Online Day Trading

Almost everyone has heard of a day trader, but not everyone knows quite what a day trader does, which really isn’t surprising. At a distance, day trading can actually look quite appealing.

Day Trading For a Living – Is it Even Possible These Days?

Many people wonder whether it is even possible these days to day trade for a living? There are plenty of people who make their livelihood and then some using various trading strategies and systems in this volatile market. So, it is definitely a possibility. It really depends on how serious you are about taking this challenge up. Read on to learn more…

What is the Forex Market?

For anyone asking “what is the forex market?” this article will take you through the bare-bones basics of this particular investment avenue. Though investing in forex can be an extremely complicated undertaking, with the right training and practice (zero risk), you can truly become a pro trader within a relatively short time span.

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